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Wildlife/bird photography, painted skulls, skulls fleshed and whitened by myself, and traditional pencil drawings




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Beaver Skull by lonelyrider07
Beaver Skull
This Beaver was given to me by a friend from Manitoba who received it from a Natural Resource Officer she had worked with in the past. According to him, this Beaver had been trapped, and the skull was put aside. It's relatively small for a beaver, but still a nice specimen. :nod:

Red Fox Skull by lonelyrider07
Red Fox Skull
This Red Fox was given to me by a friend from Manitoba this past Christmas, who received it from a Natural Resources Officer she had worked with in the past. Apparently, he was found dead on the road which would explain his broken zygomatic arch on the other side of his head (which has been cleanly glued back together). He has a cracked lower canine tooth, but it appears to have been caused prior to becoming roadkill. 

Black Bear Skull by lonelyrider07
Black Bear Skull
This is my second Black Bear skull, or third if I count the one I cleaned for my boyfriend (we pretty much share our collections). However, this is my first bear from Manitoba; my other two are from Ontario. I have noticed quite a number of physiological differences in skull structure between the bear from Manitoba and the ones I have from Ontario. It's really inspired me to look into it more, and try and collect more from other provinces in Canada to compare. :nod:

Partial Rose Skull by lonelyrider07
Partial Rose Skull
I found this partial female White-tailed deer skull along the side of the road last spring, and I've been wanting to paint it like this since then. I finally found the time, and this is the turn out. It's simple, but nice to look at I think. Soon to be sealed with a matte finish and mounted on a pine disk. 

FOR SALE (possibly).

Mounted Rose Skull by lonelyrider07
Mounted Rose Skull
This was a fun little project I did when I had free time in between homework. In the summer, I fleshed and cleaned a juvenile male White-tailed Deer skull, and it fell apart quite a lot in the whitening process. So, instead of tossing him, I decided to just use him for an experimental project. I had a pair of Pileated Woodpecker wings I salvaged and preserved from roadkill, and mounted the wings and painted skull together on a dried out piece of pine disk. Acrylic ink was used to paint the roses, however simple.

After years of neglecting this account, I have returned for now, and hopefully for a while. A lot has changed since the last time I spent time on this account. For one, I am finishing my third and final year of my college program, Fish and Wildlife Technology. I have been (and am currently) living five hours north of home to attend school, and I have loved it up until this point, but I am ready to go home and move on. But on the brighter side, being up here has brought me so much closer to wildlife, and provided a wonderful opportunity to improve my wildlife photography passion. My program has also fueled my fascination with animal skulls, and over the past few years, I have began piecing together a small but growing collection. Performing necropsies, trapping in school, and keeping standing relationships with hunter friends and taxidermists has really helped my little skull family along. I have posted a few pictures of my collection thus far, but half of them are here with me, and the others I've brought back home. At some point, I will have them all documented in my gallery. I take pride in preparing the skulls myself; skinning, fleshing, boiling (since I don't have the means for obtaining beetles at the moment, unfortunately) and then whitening (and sometimes piecing and gluing back together). As you may have seen, I also have painted a few "trial" skulls, and they have really taken off, so I will eventually be selling them outside of friends and family. (:

So far, my personal collection consists of:
                                                          -White-tailed Deer (3)
                                                          -Black Bear (2)
                                                          -Raccoon (2)
                                                          -Pine Marten (1)
                                                          -Ermine (1)
                                                          -Great Horned Owl (1)
                                                          -Fisher (1)
                                                          -Coyote (1)
                                                          -Domestic Cat (1)
                                                          -Domestic Horse (1)
                                                          -Skunk (pathological) (1)
                                                          -American Alligator (1)
                                                          -Purple-necked Rock Wallaby (1)
                                                          -Moose (1)
                                                          -Double-crested Cormorant (1)
                                                          -Rat (1)
                                                          -Beaver (1)
                                                          -Red Fox (1)

I have a friend in Manitoba right now touching base with a lot of contacts in hopes of grabbing me more skulls, with high hopes for a large Timber Wolf and a Polar Bear. 

But, most importantly, I want to thank all my watchers, new and old, for the continued support. I wasn't sure if I'd ever come back to this account, but it's encouraging to see that old friends are still around, and that my new ones are just as kind and insightful as ever. Thank you (:
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